Agency: David&Goliath
Date: 2014 – 2017 (Ongoing)
Role: Voiceover
Summary: Jesse Springer has been the voice of Kia on TV, radio and web since 2014.



Agency: The Martin Agency
Date: 2014 – 2015 (Ongoing)
Role: Voiceover
Summary: This year, Jesse has been voicing TV campaigns for Walmart. With creative by Walmart’s world-renowned principal shop The Martin Agency, the spots range from quirky and fun to just plain hilarious.


AXS TV Promos

Agency: AXS TV
Date: March, 2015 (Ongoing)
Role: Voiceover
Summary: Beginning April 2015, AXS TV continues their annual coverage of the biggest music festivals in the world: Coachella, Stagecoach, Rock On The Range, Firefly, and others. This ongoing series of promos is produced by Todd Trudgeon.



Agency: Gisteo
Date: 2014-2015 (Ongoing)
Role: Voiceover
Summary: iGrooveNext helps artists promote their music with groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind tools. This ongoing series of explainers and promos features the engaging, renowned animation of Gisteo’s team. Produced and directed by Stephen Conley.



Agency: No Frames
Date: December, 2014
Role: Voiceover
Summary: Directed by the visionary Roberto Serrini and produced by Erin Judd of No Frames, this extended Director’s Cut of the Cannondale Black, Inc. commercial is loaded with crisp sound design and stunning visuals.



Agency: Red Productions
Date: February, 2015
Role: Voiceover
Summary: In marketing, being relevant matters. iProspect is a team of award-winning experts around the world, dedicated to developing the most effective strategies for every client, in every market. This campaign was produced by Dallas-based Red Productions. See more about the campaign here.


Ookla (

Agency: Blink Tower
Date: October, 2014
Role: Voiceover
Summary: This explainer video for Ookla (home of was produced by the brilliant team at Blink Tower in South Africa.


Fat Guys in the Woods Promos

Agency: The Weather Channel
Date: 2014 (Ongoing)
Role: Voiceover
Summary: Jesse Springer is currently voicing promos for The Weather Channel’s new hit weather survival reality show “Fat Guys in the Woods”. The promos are written and produced by Mike Emerick. “Fat Guys in the Woods” is a must-watch, every Sunday night at 9 on The Weather Channel.


Jimmy Kimmel Live

Agency: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)
Date: 2014 – 2015 (Ongoing)
Role: Voiceover
Summary: Jesse Springer has been tapped to voice hilarious parodies for Jimmy Kimmel Live, weeknights on ABC.


The National Academy of Engineering

Agency: Blinktower
Date: April, 2014
Role: Voiceover
Summary: Jesse was commissioned by Blinktower’s creative team to narrate an inspirational explainer for the NAE.


Rio Salado College

Agency: Flock of Pixels
Date: August, 2013
Role: Voiceover
Summary: This upbeat, quirky campaign for Rio Salado College was produced and directed by Justin Katz of Flock of Pixels.



Agency: Wienot Films
Date: June, 2015
Role: Voiceover
Summary: Jesse Springer teamed with Marc Strong of Wienot Films to voice this project for Canon, explaining the intricate science behind their 4K lens technology.