Where to begin!

There are so many phenomenally talented voiceover coaches out there, most of whom have been in the business much longer than I have. One thing’s for sure, coaching is a must if you’re looking to have a successful career in the biz. Here are a few I recommend (assuming you’re local to LA or can travel out for training):

  • Kalmenson & Kalmenson: This duo (Cathy & Harv) are perhaps the most respected and experienced voiceover coaches in the world. They’ve trained pretty much everyone. One of the huge benefits of training with Kalmenson & Kalmenson is that they also are among the biggest voiceover casting companies in the industry. If you train with them, are a good learner and naturally gifted with a strong work ethic, it’s entirely possible they’ll be calling you with booking opportunities down the road. More info at http://www.kalmenson.com/.
  • David Lyerly: David is the king of voiceover coaching for network promos. The former senior promo agent at Atlas Talent, David now works with the best of the best, and his guidance has propelled many of the most notable promo voices into very profitable and successful careers. David is based in New York City, and offers coaching via Skype to talent in other markets. David is highly selective with the talent he takes on, but for those who are ready, his insight is invaluable.
  • Pat Fraley: The man, the myth, the legend. Pat has coached countless people who are now incredibly successful. Pat himself has voiced hundreds upon hundreds of characters in cartoons, animated films and commercials. While I especially recommend Pat for copy interpretation and animated character voice acting coaching, he also leads very popular commercial and audiobook narration classes. Learn more at http://patfraley.com/.

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