A “Voiceover” refers to the performance given by an actor that is not seen on camera. A “voice actor” or “voiceover artist” specializes in interpreting “copy” (the script) for the off-screen lines in a TV or radio commercial or other production. When I say I’m a voiceover artist, that means I’m the guy who does the “Coming up next on PBS…” or “This week only at KFC…” voice. Oftentimes, people think of this as the “announcer” in a spot, but it’s not always an announcery sound. For example, I often work with clients with radio spots to sound like the “guy next door” who’s having a conversation with his girlfriend or thinking out loud about the hot new deals on eBay.

I’m often asked if I do on-camera work as well. In short, no. While I dabbled in my younger years and appeared in a few commercials, voiceover is to me, well, much more fun! Part of being a voiceover artist means that I get to work often from home in my home studio while being directed remotely by a director in a studio in some other part of town – and often in another country entirely!

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