The voiceover community is awesome! It’s like a world of its own, and it practically seems like everyone knows everyone! Fortunately, with the democratization of the artform, there have arisen a myriad of online resources to communicate with artists and learn more about the craft. Here are a few websites I would recommend:

Voiceover Universe ( This awesome message board / social media portal for voiceover artists was started by the awesome and talented Zurek ( It’s free to join and you can communicate with almost anyone, even those “famous” voiceover artists! ( This site is a must-join if you are brand new to voiceovers. It’s designed specifically for people who are getting started or perhaps don’t have an agent yet. Every day, many companies will post audition opportunities for a wide variety of jobs, from TV commercials to narrations and more. A premium membership is a couple hundred bucks – well worth it if you’re really serious about getting some practice (and potentially some $!) under your belt. ( These are some of my favorites! has provided a number of podcasts you can subscribe to on iTunes (or your preferred podcast provider) to listen to while you’re exercising, driving, or whenever! These are SO helpful if you’re starting out. You’ll hear from some of the biggest and best voiceover artists in the business, talking about everything from how to audition better to which equipment to buy. Best of all, all free!

If you’re more of the reading type, there are a number of great books out there about the VO business. I would recommend “The Art of Voice Acting” by James Alburger, “Secrets of Voice-Over Success” by the awesome Joan Baker, and “VO: Tales and Techniques of the Voice-Over Actor” by Harlan Hogan, who also makes some really cool portable products for recording voiceover sessions on the go!

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