Not anymore! Auditions and sessions are conducted daily with talent around the world. If you have Skype, you can set up a phone patch for remotely directed sessions (provided your studio meets the broadcast standards of most editing, mixing and mastering facilities). If you’re working with major networks or other big studios, you can install an ISDN line in your studio. It’s not cheap, but for certain clients, it’s a must.

That said, there certainly are advantages to being in one of these two major cities. Most of the big agencies for all the powerhouse commercial and network promo voices call New York and LA home, and it’s often difficult to sign with one of these agencies unless you’re local. Don’t hurry off to quit your day job and head East or West though! That’s a decision to take very seriously, and I would recommend only considering it if you’ve got the income to afford and justify the expensive living and full-time voiceover employment.

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