Here are some questions I’m often asked. I’ll try to provide as many detailed answers as I can. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me; I’d love to hear from you!

Questions About Jesse Springer

Where is your studio located?

My studio is in a secret Batcave just outside of the smog-infested wasteland known as Los Angeles, California.

Who are your agents?

I’m represented bi-coastally by Atlas Talent. In Los Angeles, 310-324-9800. In New York, 212-730-4500. I am managed by Nanci Washburn, Artist Management Agency, 619-233-6655.

In Los Angeles:
Jonn Wasser (NYC & LA, Promos, Documentaries, Animation)
Carli Silver (Commercials)
Heather Vergo (Promos, Documentaries, Animation)
Emily Craig (Promos, Documentaries, Animation)
Nick Lanza (Commercials)
Leah Swetsky (Commercials)
Leah Housman (Commercials)

In New York:
Tim Walsh (Commercials)
Lisa Marber-Rich (Promos, Documentaries, Animation)
Ricky Meyer (Promos, Documentaries, Animation)
Rebecca Drescher (Promos, Documentaries, Animation)
Kiley Phelan (Commercials)
Mike Milmore (Commercials)
Michael Guy (Commercials)
Matt Beckelman (Commercials)
Kerissa Kow (Promos, Documentaries, Animation)

To contact one of my Atlas agents individually, please use the information here.

Are you “union”?

Yes, I am a member of SAG-AFTRA (formerly separate unions, SAG and AFTRA).

How can I hire you?

The best way is to contact one of my agents. You can do that on the contact page.

I have a non-profit. Can you do the voiceover for my project for free?

If it’s one I believe in, I’d love to be a part of your efforts. Why don’t you use the contact form and give me as many details as you can, including what the 501C3 is, your timeframe, where it will be distributed, etc. My union (SAG-AFTRA) is pretty particular about the conditions under which I’m allowed to take on pro-bono projects, so I have to be sure I’m all-clear prior to accepting!

Are you related to Jerry Springer?

I’ve been asking myself the same thing.